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Super Epoxy:


This epoxy adhesive consists of two parts. It has tremendous adhesion to all metals, wood, concrete, glass and plastics with an exceptional chemical resistance. The product targets:

  • Households

  • Textile Industry 

  • Filters and Heater Manufacturers

  • Metal and Toncrete Tank Repairs 

  • Jewelry Industry
    (Available in small to large tubes and bottles of 1800 gms & 900 gms sets)

5-Minute Rapid Epoxy:


This is identical to R-Belite super but comparatively transparent like crystal and is used in ceramic, glass, jewelry, toys and household items. It has good rapid adhesion. This epoxy adhesive consists of two parts, and it is very popular among:

  • Households

  • Jewelry Industry
    (Available in small to large tubes)

Epoxy Steel:


This is a top class metal filled epoxy adhesive in paste/creamy form used in making patterns, building foundation and maintaining machinery, pipes, broken or cracked / leaked tanks and pin holes in hydraulic apparatus.

(Available in small to large tubes and 2 kg jars)

Power Steel SF (Super Fast):


This product is also a unique paste/creamy type quick set metal filled epoxy adhesive. It is widely used by households and industries, particularly popular in automobile workshops, due to its excellent adhesion. It is time and cost effective; five minute setting. It is recommended for sealing all types of leaks both in oil or water tanks. It bears good chemical resistance.

(Available in small to large tubes)

No.1 Epoxy:

This product is strongest epoxy adhesive which consists of two parts and is widely used by:

  • Industries and Households

  • Jewelry Industry

  • Armature/Motor Winders

  • Textile & Allied Industry
    (Available in small to large size tubes & bottles 180 gms, 
    360 gms, 900 gms and 1800 gms sets)

Epoxy Concrete:


A thick semi-flexible Epoxy for industrial use
R-Belite Epoxy concrete has tremendous adhesion to iron, steel, aluminium, concrete, wood, ceramics, glass & many other surfaces. It is semi-flexible and extremely tough. It has outstanding abrasion wear resistance, and is unaffected by water. This product can withstand water pressure of over 100 lbs/sq.inch and is five times stronger than concrete.

(Available in jar packs).

"1 Second" Super Glue:


Belite house of epoxies and adhesives present yet another instant 
"1 Second" Super Glue" which contains 1 ton holding power. (Available in 2 gm, 20gm & 50 gm packing).

Chemical Resistance




 Ethyl Alcohol U U
 Methyl Isobutyl Carbitol U U
 Toluene U U
 Xylene U U
 Mineral Spirit U U
 JP-4 Jet Fuel U U
 Hydrocarbons U U
 Carbon Tetrachloride U U
 Linseed Fatty Acid U U
 Animal Fats & oil U U
 Vegatable Oils U U
 Acetic Acid 5% and 50% U U
 Acetic Acid Galcial U F
 Detergent Solutions U U
 Citric acid 10% U U
 Sodium Hydroxide 20% U U
 Ammonium Hydroxide 27% U U
 Ammonia Vapor U F
 Phosphoric Acid 15% U U
 Hydrochloric Acid 36% U S
 Hydrochloric Acid vapor U U
 Sulfuric Acid 36% U U
 Sulfuric Acid 10% U U
 Sulfuric Acid 25% U F
 Nitric Acid 30% U F
 Calcium hypochlorite 5% U U
 Alum U U
 Brine U
 Water U U
 Acetone U F
 Methyl Ethyl ketone U F


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